Sunday, March 7, 2010

Farmhouses of Fairly

At this stage the tream was split up into two groups, each was staying with their own hosts at the farming community of Fairly. 
               Friday. We woke up early at 8 and travelled in our bus for the next 8 hours. We traveled along Lake Wakatipu and went through Kawarau Gorge. We also traveled past Lake Dunstan and Lindis Pass. We also saw the Waitaki hydro electric plant. We passed Queenstown and did not stop at the ever so loved Arrowtown regretfully.  Along the way we stopped whenever there was interesting nature scenery and whenever someone needed to use the louve.
                Saturday. We left the farmhouse after having a delicious breakfast and then boarded the bus to continue our track to Christchurch. We crossed the Canterbury Plains and finally arrived in Christchurch after a couple more hours.

Friday, March, 5, 2010


            Arrived at our host farm. After having a bit of tea and coffee Bracken, Joel, Stewart, Laird and I went with our host for a tour of the farm. We had seen and fed a couple alpacas. Also fed some sheep, one of them was bottle fed as a baby so it was quite people friendly, to a point where it jumps up on people with food. Also managed to see a dairy farm milking in progress.


            After that we returned to the house and chatted a bit before dinner. The meal consisted of some chicken, some fried vegetables, some broccoli and some kind of Maori potato. Had Pavlova for desert. Overall it was the best meal I had so far in New Zealand. After dinner after a little more discussion Laird, Stewart, Bracken and Joel went out on a possum hunt. I was tired so I decided to go to bed instead.


Saturday, March, 6, 2010


            Got up and had breakfast. Consisted of cereal, toast, scrambled eggs, some fruit and yogurt. Had some cereal, toast and a bit of eggs. Passed up on the fruit and yogurt. During breakfast we learned that our host also has other people who come by for rest on their way to some fishing trip with an expensive guide. A rough estimate of $700 a day, not something I would ever pay for.


            After breakfast we packed up then talked to pass the time until we left. After a bit of time we left to meet up with the rest of the group.



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