Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flight day

We've completed the first leg of our journey.  The first flight was one of those domestic flights that have a way of grating on you.  The only technology to entertain my highly sensitive American persona was my own.  No fancy movie players, you had to pay for food and the seats reminded me of airplanes that I used to fly on as a kid.  All in all it was highly uncomfortable and boring. 

I've come to the conclusion that I would much rather fly for 20 hours with a movie player and free food every three hours than seven hours on a domestic flight any day of the week.  Without my distractions my cigarette cravings were almost out of control.


In the short time our group has been together we've managed to not lose one of our members.  Matt's bag was retrieved from security after he forgot it there and he got it before security blew it up for fear of bombs.  We haven't managed to kill each other and Bracken's uncomfortability on the last leg of the flight sitting next to a very… lets say… "in love" couple was laughable. 


Thus far its an adventure of BACON proportions.  The intercom in the airport is now paging for "passenger Pickles" …best name ever. 


Our next flight was much more enjoyable.  International flights are always epic and Air New Zealand was even better than I expected.  The long flight over had me sitting between Bracken and Laird.  Enjoyable to say the least as neither had crossed the international dateline and it was Bracken's first venture outside of the country.  The service was incredible, the meals were great, the movies were stellar and the company of the two boys made it memorable (to say the least).  We landed after 11 long hours to await a five hour layover in Auckland.


Lets just say that five hours in the Auckland airport is BORING.  But after struggling to deal with the boredom, exhaustion and need for showers we were relieved to find a warm summerish like day outside waiting for us.  The flight to Queenstown was a hop skip and a jump in comparison to the others and we landed amidst a bit of rainfall and ickyness to meet our driver Dawn who ended up being one hell of a tour guide.  Good times.  Good times Good times in New Zealand.
Birdlife included mayna, red-billed gull and house sparrows...

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